Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stylish Maps

Last week we launched “Styled Maps in the Maps API for Flash.” This week, Justin O’Beirne of 41Latitude.com, brings you some excellent design tips on how to make the most out of Styled Maps. Justin’s site 41Latitude.com examines the current and future state of online maps.

Inspired in part by Five Great Styled Maps Examples, I decided to write up an article, Styled Maps Using Google Maps API Version 3. In my article, I explore some of the power of Styled Maps, and some things to avoid in order to make your maps beautiful and powerful. I also link to the code for each style I used. From an example in the article, you can make a map that looks like this:

And this...

And even this...

It may not look it, but, trust me, these are all Google Maps. And now you make maps like these, too!

So check out my latest post “Styled Maps Using Google Maps API V3”. Your mashups will never be the same.